PRE & POStpartum

I am here to welcome you as you start or continue your fitness journey in an environment where you will feel safe in my knowledge to guide you during such an important period that is pregnancy and post natal exercise.

Yes, your body is changing but that does not mean it cannot be stronger and move better! 

During our work together you will learn how to connect with your body and breathing and how that is so important relatively to your pelvic floor and labour.

The exercises on your program will, in a lot of cases, mimic daily life movement patterns used a lot by mums with little ones. So you will also have a great carry over from your workout into your daily activities.

During pregnancy our joints will naturally become more mobile so that we can labour easily and deliver a baby and on that lays the importance on working on your strength and stability.

Our work together will be about making you stronger, stabilising your core, maintaining good posture and alignment, maximise positivity and learning the strategies to adopt so you can exercise safely and achieve the goals your are chasing.

The research on the relationship between exercise and mental health is immense and a very important factor on the work relationship we will develop… and one that I value deeply as I have experienced first hand how postpartum depression can affect your life after the birth of my second daughter.

I will be here to help and support you in your journey through a healthy pregnancy and owning your new body after birth!… Celebrating all the changes it has endure and helping you regain trust and confidence in the body you own!

My Pre & Postpartum Sessions are run in a 1-on-1 PT format as well as in a Semi-Private PT.

So request your FREE CONSULTATION bellow and let’s start this journey together!!!